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A celebration of sensation

About the show

The experiencing self lives each moment. The remembering self constructs the story afterwards.​

Human beings are naturally inclined to value remembering over experiencing. But what would happen if the Experiencing Self were triumphant? In a vibrant celebration of sensation, five circus artists pursue the ecstatic, immediate completeness of experience, through exhilarating and contemporary circus.

Sensory Decadence brings One Fell Swoop’s trademark skill set and style to bear on what Nobel Prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman calls the two selves; the Experiencing Self (that lives each moment) and the Remembering Self (that constructs the story afterwards). Drawing on influences spanning from ASMR to the surrealist world of readymades, Sensory Decadence invites audiences to explore a unique alternative world.​

One Fell Swoop Circus is proud to have developed Sensory Decadence as 2019 company-in-residence at Gasworks Arts Park. Sensory Decadence is proudly supported by the City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund, the Gasworks Foundation Patrons Fund, the Saunders Circus Grant, and the Friends Of One Fell Swoop (FOOFS).

Created and Directed by Charice Rust and Jonathan Morgan
Performed by Ryan Darwin, Ellen Grow, Jonathan Morgan, Charice Rust, Latonya Wigginton
Lighting Design by John Collopy
Set/Costume Design by Stephanie Howe
Composition by Duane Morrison
Dramaturgy by Debra Batton

Top image by Aaron Walker Photography; Middle images by James Thomas Photography

Running time 60mins – full technical requirements available on request